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Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC Global retail, wholesale, event-venue, entertainment & business dev

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An ENTERPRISE: Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC is a global retail, wholesale Distribution, Event-Entertainment Solution, and Enterprise Business Development Platform with an award-winning business model! An Intellectual Property (IP) centric start-up. Funding focuses strictly on submitting the company’s first ten (10) inventions into the market and include invention submissions, manufacturing, outsourced marketing and advertising cost, product-to-market launches, product licensing, along with distributions through Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC leased launched platforms, networked platforms and various chain/other major business platforms. It includes storefront opening, sale of branded clothing line, home décor and fleet of patented and copy-written products as approved by US Patent and Library of Congress. We have a vast amount of intellectual properties (IPs’) against this investment to include recurring inventions surpassing the initial ten as we generate more capital.

SectorsEvents, Hospitality, Retail and wholesale
LocationNewport News, United States of America
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