DUSH DeFi as a Service

DUSH is a block chain enabled P2P platform for micro payments, remittances and currency exchange. It will comprise of a multi currency wallet that allows individuals to virtually make payments, send or receive money and exchange crypto or fiat currency. Product one will have a crypto wallet for sending, receiving, payments, buying, selling and exchange of major cryptos. It’ll have fiat wallet with multi currency capacity and support sending, receiving, exchange, payments and withdrawals. Product two will support crypto backed loans, increase number of cryptos and alt coins, wallet NFT collectibles & minting, document repository, smart contracts. An additional option for purchase of stocks, ( similar to Robinhood) will be tried (tested if we cut through the regulatory red tape). Final version will have all the above with features including stock backed loans, indices, and other defi products.

SecteursBlockchain, Services financiers, Remise
EmplacementKampala, Ouganda
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