Du-Eco Ghana Co Ltd Eco-friendly kraft paper bags

To establish a factory in Ghana to produce durable, portable, affordable and biodegradable Kraft paper and Kraft paper bags to meet the growing demands of the general public and also as an environmental impact strategy to help alleviate the drastic effects of single use plastic bags in the Ghanaian environment. The primary object is to compete in reducing the use of all type of single use plastic bags used by consumers and vendors, especially polythene carrier bags used to carry shopped materials from super markets, local markets, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants etc., which causes unsolvable damage to our environment.

Stage Startup stage EST January 2018
Sectors Manufacturing, Packaging, Water, sanitation and hygiene
Location Somanya, Ghana
Markets Ghana
Customer model B2B2B, B2B2C, B2B2G, B2C
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