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DRIVE TO OWN Flexible and Affordable car ownership

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Having a personal car is a necessity, as public transport is underdeveloped and ride-hailing is prohibitively expensive for most.
Unfortunately, over 11 million South Africans have an impaired credit and cannot access car finance.
Furthermore, over 12 000 cars are repossessed every month in South Africa and as a result over 144 000 car owners are left with no car, still owing the bank money and blacklisted every year.

Imagine not having fixed monthly installments on your car but only paying for the mileage you drove. Imagine being able to cancel car ownership service at any point in time should you no longer need it?
What if car ownership was more flexible, not locking you in a 60 to 72 months of monthly installments. What if car ownership was more affordable, you only pay per kilometer driven and your car automatically takes the payment. What if all you need to do in order to full own your dream car is to just drive it for a specified kilometer. Thus Drive to Own

LocationSandton, South Africa
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