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Dorodot Africa Dorodot is a one-stop digital gifting platform

Cover image of Dorodot Africa, E-commerce venture on VC4A

In Africa, specifically Nigeria, celebrating with family and friends on birthdays, weddings, retirements, and anniversaries is part of the culture. Well-wishers are faced with the problem of getting the “right” gifts for the celebrator, while celebrators are faced with the problem of receiving similar or unwanted gifts.
Dorodot provides an online gifting platform where celebrators can create a wishlist and share the links with their loved ones. This helps to eliminate the problems faced by well-wishers and celebrators.
TNS Global, a market research group projects the Nigeria wedding industry to be worth millions of dollars with an average guest list of some 1000 people. Technology-powered gifting is nascent in Africa’s most populus country but its adoption in the areas of finance, education and health are clear indications of a burgeoning space we intend to capture with Dorodot.

LocationLagos, Nigeria
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