Distrifoods Nigeria Inventively & Innovatively improving diet through a range of tasty, safe, wholesome and crunchy Nutrition Dense Instant Snack & Food Products

We are a Member of Scaling Up Nutrition, SUN Business Network, Nigeria.
We create, sell and deliver a wide range of nutritious, safe, premium quality, satisfyingly crunchy, wholesome, tastefully pleasant, and low sugar Nutrition Dense Instant Snack Food Products. We process finely select Produce, fortify with Vitamin and Micro-nutrient Inherent Ingredients to make nourishing edible Products to innovatively improve diet, tackle malnutrition, combats hidden hunger and guarantee good health.
As a For-Profit Leadership Company operating in the Agro/Food Processing (Nutrition) Sector, we focus on exploring, exploiting and harnessing the value chain of locally available Produce ( Nuts, Legumes, Grains, Cereal, Pulses, & Eggs),  processing them into a wholesome, premium quality Snack and Food Products. Our Registered Brand, Xpressbite®, is poised to tackle the perennial vitamin & micro-nutrients deficiency which is decimating the population of Nigeria’s North Eastern, Western & Central States as well as provide nourishing Snack Food option
Our Snack Products are pleasantly tasteful and have low sugar/salt content. Our Multigrain SuperFoods (For Toddler, Growth, Pregnant Women & Nursing Mothers) are sweetened with Nuts. Both Products contain essential micro-nutrients (Potassium, Iron, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, etc) & Vitamin, and are devoid of artificial/synthetic additives – color, sweetener, preservative, or flavor.