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Disney Foods A healthy treat for you

We provide healthy alternatives to carbonated drinks for a healthy lifestyle.

We are on a mission to closing the gap between Nigeria and the global milk consumption rate as clamored for by the Food Nutritionists Association of Nigeria.

Our product is an essential alternative to milk-intolerant consumers, we also have vegan yoghurt drinks

We have a unique recipe, whereby all our ingredients are all-natural (Preservatives, Sweeteners, food Color and flavors)

We have a wide range of SKUs giving our customers so many options to pick from (Up to 14 variants)

Each cup of our Rainbow Parfait has as much as 5 different flavors being first of its kind. The feedbacks we get from our satisfied customers indicates that it is cost effective for them to have over 5 different flavors for the cost of one

Sectors Food and beverage
Location Ikeja, Nigeria
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