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Digital Age Business Growth Strategies SME Digital Business Coach

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Nigeria has 41.4 million micro-enterprises.
These business founders are constantly finding it hard to navigate business, especially with the changing landscape brought about by the global digitization of the world. Getting good professional help turns out very costly. These businesses have resulted in these:
1. Giving up on getting a solution
2. Leveraging on a trial approach
3. Leveraging free guides available
4. Buying a bunch of courses with no extra guidance

Solution: is a small business coach in your pocket.
For the price of a family-sized pizza, micro-businesses and MSMEs get access to all the support they need to scale:
1. Carefully selected and produced byte-sized video guides
2. A playbook containing ready to adopt tested and trusted strategies covering each key part of MSMEs operations
3. A repository of resources and ready to use templates
4. A support forum filled with consultants ready to answerquestions and provide help 24/7.

Sectors Consulting and business development, E-learning
Location Nigeria
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