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Diagnostic Imaging Solutions Artificial intelligence, deep machine learning, Breast cancer

Currentlymany computer assist tools are available for radiologists to reduce the rate of screening mammography, this has now naturally progressed with Artificial intelligence
skyrocketing the market industry with a cost-effective
2nd opinion solution to diagnostic and detection outcomes.Our unique add on to the current diagnostic dilemma is a new patented algorithm method, built-in our unique software. It allows segmentation, identification, and classification of the breast cancer type by using input data from an ultrasound unit in practice. The barrier currently in the South African health sector is a “provider delay” from 1st doctor contact to the primary treatment outcome at the point of surgical intervention averaging 60 days.
AI should be a patient-centered ecosystem, thus we are also boasting a unique patient user interface,
integrated into the web-based system as an app.

SecteursBiotechnologie et recherche médicale, Matériel informatique, Services éducatifs
EmplacementAfrique Du Sud
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