Desert Green Africa Feed the Future.

Over 86% of Fresh Produce in Africa is produced by Small-scale farmers & sold in the Informal Markets. Most of it ends up as waste due to demand/supply inefficiencies along the value chain, from seed to market.

These inefficiencies range from planting wrong cultivars; poor crop nutrition all the way to lack of appropriate transport & storage.

There’s 3 main Functional problems we are solving for small-scale farmers & informal traders:
– Technical Knowledge for small-scale farmers
– Access to measurable & predictable markets; shared delivery & cold storage
– Access to credit for Farmers & Informal Traders

Most of our competitors rely on Retail partnerships to service farmers but most fresh produce In Africa is sold in the informal markets. We provide Mobile solutions to improve productivity; profits & livelihoods for farmers & traders by transferring Knowledge & Intelligence to create Transparency & drive Value in what is currently a

Sectors Agritech
Location Springs, South Africa
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