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Délices de Femmes We produce handmade natural cosmetics and personal care products

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Handmade natural products are currently very popular because people eager to take care of themselves but also are conscious of our impact on earth and want to take care of the only planet we actually have to live. Our Mission at DELICES DE FEMMES is to offer best quality of handmade natural products for women, Men and children to face there needs in terms of haircare, body care, face care and personal care product. Our company is currently in many SMEs programs initiated by senegalese government to accompany scaling companies. We already raised more than 50.000 $ in 2021. Thanks to these funds, we have developed our team and also our equipment. Now we are eager to develop our brand out of the senegalese market, progressively in the American market, the French market but also other African markets.

Secteurs Médicaments et cosmétiques
Emplacement Dakar, Sénégal
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