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Deblev Alimentos Nourishment for your body

Cover image of Deblev Alimentos, Crop farming venture on VC4A

Deblev Alimentos

Deblev Alimentos

Deblev Alimentos is a food processing company. Our product primarily is Powdered Pap(DEBYZPAP) made from maize, guinea corn and millet

Our aim in Deblev Alimentos is to prevent waste and to provide easy access to food at affordable prices.

At Deblev Alimentos, The powdered pap is converted from the paste form to the powdery form. This is because the paste usually deteriorates quickly and it has to be stored inside the freezer which is quite tasking as there is no constant power supply.
The pap packed in small packs futher extends the shelf life.

This grant will enable us to buy machineries which include Grinding machine, Dehydrating machine, Weighing and filling machine and also meet our goal which is to employ more people and get our products across to our community especially in the North-East part of Nigeria due to the insecurity as a result of banditry and insurgency in the region

Our target market includes nursing mom’s, babies from age 6 months and people in IDP

SectorsCrop farming, Food production, Packaging
LocationJalingo, Nigeria
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