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In Senegal, every resident eats an average of 110 Kg of rice per year. In 2020 and 2019, consumption of rice was estimated at 1.85 and 1.78 million tonnes, respectively. Yet the country still imports 70 % of its needs and rice is 10 % of the trade balance.

It was in this framework that in 2017, was founded DB FOODS SA, a startup that intervenes in the local rice sector, notably in the collection, processing and marketing. The plant is located in the village of Thilene, an entry point for irrigated rice farming in the river Delta, where about 60 % of the rice produced in Senegal is grown. We therefore put on the market a fresh white rice, meeting the criteria of the Senegalese consumer.

It is also a question of developing an inclusive economic model that better reflects the specificities of our economy. The project is promoted by young people and the company counts among its shareholders the Sovereign Fund for Strategic Investments of Senegal.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Logistics
Location Saint-Louis, Senegal
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