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Daunis Gente Excepcional IAP The normal thing is that we are different

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Daunis Gente Excepcional IAP

Daunis Gente Excepcional IAP

Daunis Gente Excepcional seeks to mitigate the lack of labor inclusion and independent life of individuals with intellectual disabilities, through its model and programs focused on teaching life skills, promoting job-readiness and self-development. Daunis also provides to former trainees work and life follow-up according to their goals, and counseling to face barriers and increasing their life’s quality.
We need the empowerment, development and financial independence for a true inclusion in society. Today your support will be added to the Institution’s financial self-sustainability efforts. Our main income comes from the sale of tamales, bread, cookies and other food products that we produce and sell at events, companies, restaurants, stores and general public.
We produce a lot of products, the people learn how to use the machine, how to elaborate cookies and a lot of types of food, then, they can do it in their homes and sell, with this hability they have the chance to have incomes

Sectors Education, Food production
Location Ciudad de México, Mexico
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