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Daty Life Blessings of one fruit

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Our goal at DATY LIFE is to lift up others, inspire better eating habits and bridge the divide. An ancient fruit that should be regularly and routinely consumed, the date is a sweet drupe fruit cultivated from palm trees native to the middle east. Committed to resurrecting and revitalizing neglected post-war Moroccan communities, we have conceptualised ways to reimagine and repurpose the derivatives of this divine druplet. Partnered with farmers, horticulturists and harvesters local to the famed Casablanca region, we produce the finest, the tastiest and the most authentic date fruit products available. Our main initiative is to support the people of villages who were once touted for their riches but now barely making it. We aim to elevate and celebrate Morocco’s original communities and collectives once on the verge of extinction.

SectorsAgritech, Food and beverage, Food production
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