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Dash Crop Limited Winning together, Whole meal, Nutritious and affordable Foods

Cover image of Dash Crop  Limited, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

We process 6.8 MT of healthy and nutritious flour, from sorghum, cassava, amaranth, soya beans and finger millet grains, packaged in small quantities of a kilogram and 500 grams thus ensuring affordability to most families in Kenya. Our Products under the Dashfoods brands include: Composite porridge Flour, Composite Ugali Flour, Pure Cassava Flour and only producers of Fermented Porridge Flour. The demand for whole meal gluten free flour is ever increasing with more consumers being health conscious or health advised, hence opportunity for growth. The products are favourably priced hence affordable to most families. We have experienced 30% growth save for 2020 when Covid 19 hit and project to continue with this trend. We also have another unique product undergoing certification. We bridge the gap between affordability and quality for consumers and remain a choice brand for the over 3000 current customers. We have a young dedicated innovative management team working in the company.

SectorsAgribusiness, Food production
LocationRongo, Kenya
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