Dara Manihot Ind & Farms Ltd Agribusiness, cropping Farming, Tree Plantation, D4Ag, AgroProcessing

Daramanihot Industry and Farms Ltd is an agribusiness focused on crop production and processing into other primary products.
We produce, maize cassava, with the plan to cultivate oil palm.
Our vision is to help reduce food shortage in Africa.

Many African countries depend on imported food including Nigeria, despite having substantial, resources and capacity for food production combined with expanding population.
We have developed an integrated farming system that combinedms animal farming with crop production, hopefully our efforts will lead the way in developing sustainable food production in Africa.

Stage Startup stage EST August 2012
Sectors Agritech, Food production, Import and export
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Sub-Saharan Africa
Customer model B2B2C, B2C
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