Damude Technical Services Ltd Technical education, vocational, engineering, real estate, procurement

With only three Technical and Vocational Teacher Training Institutes in Uganda with over 70% youth majority of whom are unemployed yet lack employable skills, our Technical and Vocational Teacher Training Institute will impart the much needed skills and knowledge thereby create more jobs and discourage white collar jobs. The company will break even in three years by which time the investor may exit at will. With 25% return on investment, the investor will get back his money as quickly as possible. The institute will enable change of mindset about work and self of participants thereby increasing self esteem and more income generating programmes for family and country prosperity. Only 1% of Ugandans that complete Uganda advanced certificate of education go to higher institutions of learning leaving 99% stuck. The institute will tap into this opportunity and absorb majority.

Sectors Construction and manufacturing, Educational products, Water, sanitation and hygiene
Location Uganda
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