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CURE Prosthetics,3D printing,Virtual rehabilitation,myoelectric



Holding the hand of someone we love, grabbing things from the floor, taking a cup of water…
They seem so simple and obvious to us. We do not think about the complicated mechanisms behind our movements. Yet, more than 30 million people around the world do not have that luxury; they are amputees.
Most of these amputees do not have any prosthetics, some of them have hooks or esthetic prosthetics and few of them can afford robotic prosthetics.
At CURE, we work on developing and producing affordable prosthetic hands with 3D printing technology using an ecological and biomedical raw material extracted from corn, which makes the device lightweight and recyclable.
Our prosthetics are personalized and myoelectric so they work using muscle signals.
Added to that, we develop gamified therapy exercises using virtual reality for people with neurological issues or amputations.

In the second phase of our project, we will provide our users with trainings to help them acquire ne

Sectors Healthcare providers and services
Location Sousse, Tunisia
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