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Cuponet S.A. A markatplace to buy prodcuts & services trough digital coupons

Cover image of Cuponet S.A., E-commerce venture on VC4A

Cuponet combines metrics and market research with company’s sales on a single platform.
Users access discounts at their favorite companies, and companies receive sales information through charts that assess their market situation. Our solution is to be a marketplace for local experiences, where people discover what to eat, and also where to go or what to do, paying the best price available.
We´re developing tech to offer our users coupons in augmented reality, this will be an interactive and innovative way to acquire coupons, pokemon go style.
In the future, we want to implement our own e-wallet, so Cuponet it will not only be a savings method, but also be a payment method.
with this same tech and business model we can even combat food waste. In fact, we have already experimented in this industry on a small scale, offering our clients in the gastronomy sector the possibility of auctioning off products that are left over at the end. the response has been very successful so far.

SectorsE-commerce, Marketing and PR, Online analytics
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