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Creptie Limited Innovate with technology

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Creptie is a STEM institution delivering programming and coding training. Our Programs are extremely practical and delivered by industry experts. Students learn through a series of immersive projects and real-world applications, supported by expert talks, mentors, webinars, and workshops.
We exist in a tech-savvy world, and we understand that regardless of the career path our students choose as adults, their ability to thrive will grow increasingly dependent on their understanding of how technology works.
However, computer science is only taught to a small percentage of the population, and even fewer students practice it. Most of us have a vague idea that knowing computer science will help us get work, but this isn’t true. The number of students entering the field is growing faster than the number of STEAM jobs available.
Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity and skills to engage with Computer Science and Engineering careers through our STEAM program.

SectorsEdTech, Educational services, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Kenya David Osieli Off, Kenya
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