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Covi-ID Covid-19 status verification without the loss of privacy

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A group of South African academics, students and entrepreneurs have come together to build Covi-ID, a uniquely “African” solution to the Covid-19 pandemic. Covi-ID gives everyone the ability to prove their COVID-19 status, reliably, securely, and without loss of privacy. We are trying to envision a world where those who have recovered from COVID and have developed an immunity, can begin to move freely, without lockdown restrictions, allowing our economy to recover. With Covi-ID, airports, businesses or even informal business owners such as taxi drivers, can download the Covi-ID app for free and verify the recovered status of their customers.

As a South African initiative we are incredibly proud of the way our country has responded to this pandemic and we want to be a part of empowering South Africa to lead the way globally when it comes to dealing with this crisis. With COVIID, we believe we can accelerate the reintroduction of working South Africans into the economy.

Sectors Computer software, Healthcare
Location Cape Town, South Africa
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