CountlessMiles A one-stop travel, e-commerce, and social experience platform

CountlessMiles is a technology enabled travel startup whose aim is to transform the typical African’s perception of travel from shopping trips to immersive life-changing experiences and to ultimately change the world’s negative perceptions of Africans. We are travel-loving, risk-seeking global citizens who believe in the power of travel for personal and economic development. To achieve this, we provide a one-stop e-commerce travel and social platform that allows African travelers to curate unique memorable immersive destination experiences, connect with locals at the destination, share their travel experiences on social platforms, and provide niche reviews and rating for listed experiences.

Stage Startup stage EST January 2016
Sectors Information technology, Leisure and travel
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa - in urban areas
Customer model B2B, B2C
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