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Contextus SaaS technology and infrastructure to launch ecommerce platforms

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We develop SaaS technology and infrastructure that allow companies and institutions to launch and scale ecommerce platforms.
These large companies do not have an ecommerce solution that allows them to digitize their network of entrepreneurs and small businesses, much less do it with their own rules.
How do we solve this problem?
We allow each company and institution to have their own ecommerce platform with their brand and applying their business rules. Our White Label technology allows them to create their own architecture and incorporate technological solutions for catalogs, payments, shipments, online stores, sales channels and the power to integrate third-party applications and even develop their own thanks to our APIs.
As a result, they provide their network of small businesses with integrated tools that allow them to sell online through different channels while concentrating all data collection in a central dashboard.
Potencial to impact 80M of SMBs and many of SDGs

Sectors Enterprise software, Smart city solutions, Software as a Service
Location La Calera, Argentina
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