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Congo Food Plus A hungry person is not a free one.


The entire CONGO FOOD PLUS team is made up of 17 qualified and competent staff, including a founder and two shareholders who also participate in the running of the organization. In the team there are 6 women. Here are their names, skills and positions: *Three (3) agricultural engineers: Junior Alenge (shareholder); Willy Kalondji and Bushiri Georges. *Two (2) Agribusiness graduates: Juliette Na’abwe (trainer) and Asha Kibacha (trainer) *One (1) Veterinarian: Leod Nyandinda (shareholder) *Two (2) bachelors in organizational communication: Chris Wani Bruno (human resources director) and Irène Mulindwa (secretary) * One (1) IT specialist, in charge of databases: Evariste Kotongo * One (1) Bachelor in Accounting: Georgette Chantale (Accountant) * One (1) driver: Asumani Kitenge * Two (2) machinists: Trésor Salumu and Excellent Ngoy * A graduate in sales and management: Regine Kajabika (distribution manager)