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Comedica Bolivia Srl A smell, a memory, a feeling

The influence of smell on people’s decision-making is scientifically proven.

Comedies has developed new techniques supported in different technologies to put aroma to surfaces and/or large or small spaces, in this way it is possible to offer to the Bolivian market several options that will impact on the customers of our customers through the Marketing, as it is done in other countries.

We are a society made up of 67% women and 67% young people, the company has 80% female staff and 80% young staff, the manager and manager are the company’s command posts. The growth will support the hiring of more staff in the area of corporate sales as well as developing a team of community manager to be able to grow the sales on the internet.
It is also necessary to make our brand visible and attractive on the outside therefore we must redesign the packaging of our products

Sectors Manufacturing, Specialty retail
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