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Coco Abre Facil Facilitate the consumption of a coconut for any public anywhere

Cover image of Coco Abre Facil, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

The company is family founded since my grandfather in 2002 making cubed products for large companies and gradually it was innovating in our own products to tests and errors to generate pickles, nacho jalapeno, pepinillos, jilotes among other products. It started with the idea of packing coconut water but our biggest barre was the customers since they did not trust that they were 100% natural therefore we were thought of how we can show that it is natural the product and we came up with the polished coconut but its opening way was not easy for the customers so we were scheming how we could open a coconut anywhere by any person, it was an investigation and development of 2 years approximately to achieve a functional and easy opening mechanism for any customer. For all the process he carried and the product acceptance in the market launched in December 2020, he has the potential to prove that he can win.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Comayagua, Honduras
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