Cluster Farming Where People, Planet and Profit counts

Cluster Farming created an organic Hub farm and breeding station in Ekumfi Ekrawfo, Ghana, on 40 Acres (14 HA’s). The Hub farm consists of a vegetable- and fruittree nursery, chicken hatchery,  fish hatchery (catfish and tilapia), grasscutter nursery and production facility for animal- and fishfeed. Firstly, it delivers high quality seedlings, young animals and animal-/ fishfeed to Satellite farms, which are managed and owned by indigenous farmers, around the Hub farm. Secondly, it serves as training centre and model farm for the Satellite farms. We offer training to the workers and (assistant) managers of each Satellite farm to ensure that productivity and quality meet the demands for the local and Ecowas markets. We educate the Satellite farmers in management, accounting and planning in order to support their autonomy.

Cluster Farming focuses on enabling lasting and sustainable agribusiness entrepreneurship in Africa and aims to contribute to sustainable productivity, income improvement, increased education & training and comprehensive service level agreements from the Hub Farm. As such, we consider Cluster Farming as the solution for empowering people to grow food everywhere through a self-sufficient farming model. Cluster Farming is the sustainable producer of food, fibre, plant and animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare, while making home-grown agricultural products more accessible.