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clouldGreen Catalyzing Green Growth in Africa

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cG Power Value Proposition
Affordable energy 0.14$ per KWh compared to 0.21$ per KWh offered by the grid.
Data driven smart energy storage units distributed via charging points.
Portable, Smart PAYGo batteries.
Sustainable, Modular system. (same battery design for all, EVs, HHs and Offgrid systems).

cG proposes to offer affordable energy at 0.14$ per KWh compared to 0.21$ per KWh offered by the grid thereby making clean energy not only easier to get, but also user friendly and easier to maintain . In order to ensure the power gets to where and when it is most needed, cG’s plan is to employ data driven smart energy storage units which will be distributed via charging points strategically stationed. cG also proposes to operate with portable lithium-ion smart PayGo batteries, whose electrochemical energy storage capacity is ideal for creating a sustainable system that is also modular. (battery design that is compatible with, and can function perfectly in EVs, HHs and OGS).

SectorsClean technology and energy, Internet of things (IoT), Solar power
LocationKampala, Uganda
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