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Chicos pet A disability does not limit us

Cover image of Chicos pet, Environmental services venture on VC4A

We find ourselves in a complex moment, which requires the commitment and actions of all of us to bring about significant changes, and ensure dignified food for the vulnerable population because of the effects of COVID-19 All we took for granted, until a few weeks ago, changed from one moment to the next. Now we don’t know what the current situation will look like, when everything returns to the new normal. Despite how hard it can be, it’s also an opportunity. A moment of pause reflection and above all of re-silence.
Because of the current situation, the social gaps have been further marked, as there are many people who live the day and others who definitely do not affect them. This is why we see in recycling an alternative to generate economic income, and in this way counteract the effects of the COVID-19 Create alliances with governments companies and society, to lessen the effects and develop a circular economy.

Sectors Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
Location Mexico
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