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Chemotronix Developing clean technologies & digital solutions to ensure net zero.

Cover image of Chemotronix, Blockchain venture on VC4A



Our solution is a simple yet powerful tool that helps to offset carbon emissions and incentivize the populace to utilise renewable energy. We provide real-time monitoring of Green-house-gases(GHGs) as well as forecasting which will guide organisations and governments in implementing decisions that will help accelerate our journey to net zero, especially in Africa.
Our solution is a mix of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and IoT. We have developed both software and hardware (IoT) solutions. The IoT device generates real-time data for GHGs emissions and logs data onto a decentralised-storage (Web3 storage by IPFS/Filecoin) for proper tracking and allocation of Carbon Credits.

Sectors Blockchain, Clean technology and energy, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Ibadan, Nigeria
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