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Charge Ko Technologies Democratizing Energy Access

Cover image of Charge Ko Technologies, Electric utilities venture on VC4A

Charge Ko Technologies

Charge Ko Technologies

Africa’s future is digital and the core driver is the power of the mobile phone. In Uganda’s urban areas, 24% of people that dont own mobile phones state the reason as lack of electricity to charge their phones.
Even those with mobile phones and access to electricity both at home and at work eventually run out of battery when out and about and without safe and convenient charging solutions in public places, their digital lifestyle is suspended and they lose access to all their precious apps until they can charge up.
Traditional power banks are bulky to carry around, expensive to purchase and usually leave alot of the charge they hold unutilized during daily personal use.
As an affordable, light weight and portable power bank that holds just enough charge to get you out of a tight spot, our solution addresses all the above pains.

SectorsElectric utilities, Green transportation and electric motors, Mobile
LocationKampala, Uganda
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