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ChapChap Africa Limited Creating financial profiles for MSMEs by introducing digital solutions

ChapChap Africa Limited

ChapChap Africa Limited

ChapChap is a Ugandan fintech startup that creates financial profiles for SMEs by providing digital payment solutions. Through payment aggregation partnerships with MTN, Airtel, Utility, and Financial institutions. Founded in 2018, ChapChap has processed $33M of transactions in the past 6 months through 10,000 monthly active users and has helped its agents to earn an additional $500K revenue. ChapChap provides these transactional data to its financial partners __ to catalyze $6M of loans to ChapChap’s retail shops, creating enormous value for its users through data-driven financial services.
ChapChap’s Android app helps retail shops to start doing mobile money business, track all transactions that occur in the store, and build a credit profile on the SME. ChapChap earns revenue from telcos as a % of transaction volume that they facilitate.

Secteurs Commerce électronique, Fintech, Traitement des paiements en ligne
Emplacement Kira, Ouganda
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