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CEO and Founder We design and build smart small wind turbines using local resources.

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CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

We design and build small wind turbines from a few watts to 5 kilowatts for now using local resources.
We use an Arduino microcontroller to monitor speed and efficiency of the wind turbines using smart phones and computers.

We utilise wastes like junk electronics and scrap metals to build these small wind turbines.

We also design and build electric briquette making machines which produce 4 briquettes every 5 minutes to promote clean cooking.

These small wind turbines are affordable than imported equivalents and designed to help countries in Africa, Malawi inclusive achieve SDG-7 and the low Electrification rates that slows economic growth.

The electric briquette machines are designed to boost clean cooking technology and save women and girls from health problems associated with cooking using firewood and charcoal. Above all, we aim to help tackle climate change without sacrificing the economy.

Sectors3D printing, Clean technology, Wind power
LocationLilongwe, Malawi
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