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Cashtree Cashtree is a digital micro-lender that offers loans from $10 to $100

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Cashtree Financial Limited is a micro-lender that offers affordable and fast loans using an Android mobile application. The Android mobile app is called CashTree. It allows clients to apply for loans ranging from $10 to $100. Loan approval depends on the borrower’s credit score and fraud mitigation calculated automatically by the application taking into account the information provided in the registration data, phone data, general payment behavior, location and movement data in a real-time and the ability to pay to predict their credit worthiness of the borrower . When the loan is approved, the amount requested is disbursed to the Orange money or MTN Momo borrower’s account within 5 minutes. Cashtree business model will generate First Fiscal Year: $3.38 million
Second Fiscal Year: 5.076 million
Third Fiscal Year: 6.768 million

LocationHouston, Cameroon
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