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Casas Morabeza Food is also culture

Cover image of Casas Morabeza, Diversified services venture on VC4A

I don’t know if you agree, but how can I know a country and not know its people? Therefore, I present CASAS MORABEZA. A digital platform that brings tourists or visitors closer to Cape Verdean families through gastronomic experiences. Cape Verdean families can, through food, share the best of our land and still have a boost in their economy. Follow me in this example, we have Pedro, a tourist who is in Tarrafal, he goes to Marly the receptionist from there hotel and asks what he can do and where to go, Marly, as our partner, introduces him to Casas Morabeza, he enters and chooses to spend a day at Mrs Ciza’s kitchen. The other day, Senhora Ciza goes to fetch Senhor Pedro, they go together to the market to buy vegetables, on the docks to buy fish and come together to prepare an excellent fish broth “caldo de peixe”. Share a good meal, stories about Cape Verde, have the best possible experience, is what we offer, with authenticity, hospitality, because after all, food is also culture.

Sectors Diversified services, Hospitality, Tourism
Location Cabo Verde
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