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Caregiver smart solutions Peace of mind as they Age in Place.

Caregiver Smart Solutions combines the power of smarter technology and incredible data to empower caregivers impacted by the “Aging in Place” phenomenon. No other product provides caregivers with the depth of insight and comfort as our Monitoring Kits. Along with knowing how “Mom” is doing in her normal routine, Caregiver Smart Solutions allows caregivers to be ahead of potential concerns and knowing the answers when they ask, “How are you doing?”
We are beginning a paradigm shift from a reactive detection to proactive awareness. The power of our proactive approach will allow us to grow with technological advances. Potentially we will feed critical data to loved ones and their doctors to provide the insight to either prevent or follow up after events.

We will know the answers before we ask “How are you doing.” Water intake, eating behaviors, sleep data, bathroom visits. The data will tell amazing stories about how our loved ones are doing.

LocationNew York, United States of America
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