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Capilla DEL Señor S.A FOOD + healthy for all

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We are a family company, located in Villa Maria, Province of Córdoba, Argentina. We decided to innovate and develop healthier foods, brand LacNat, among them we can mention: dietetic cheeses (reduced in lipid and without added salt); soft and spun cheese with added phytostero-fortified with vitamin E, which help to reduce cholesterol; also made from soft, semi-hard, spun and hard cheese, with milk produced in pastorite systems with modified diets that include natural inputs, obtaining a milk with high CLA content, which is healthier. In addition to our brands, we produce the entire product line for other colleagues, hypermarkets, supermarkets, among others, with their respective brands, destined for both the internal and external markets.

SectorsAgribusiness, Food and beverage, Food production
LocationVilla María, Argentina
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