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Calorie Counter Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!

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Calorie Counter is a modern day take on healthy living and a wholesome lifestyle. The food chain which was conceived in the Founder’s kitchen has now found itself in 3 prime locations in Sri Lanka and is on the verge of a franchise roll-out with already opening a franchise outlet in Kuwait & Maldives.
What truly separates the brand of healthy living endorsed by CC in comparison to other similar offerings in the market, is the close attention paid to detail in every aspect. The recipes are composed in consultation with expert chefs and nutritionists. The ingredients are freshly sourced and handpicked to assure premium quality. Prep methods are strictly monitored and trans-fats are avoided at all costs. The entire menu is made fresh with no preservatives or processed food.The food gives a the calorie Breakdown and also the macro breakdown.We have now a firm focus on NCD focused meal plans and are focusing on providing a healthy meals to schools trough branching out the brand.

SectorsEducational services, Food production
LocationColombo, Sri Lanka
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