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California Indian Museum and Cultural Center Weaving Native culture into the future.

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We aim to prevent and intervene in Type 2 diabetes at the dietary/nutritional level. Our goal is to develop and sell Acorn Energy Bites at commercial scale in the $5.7 billion, energy/snack bar market in the U.S., with a focus on health conscious consumers and a particular emphasis on Native people with Type 2 diabetes who are working to transition their diets from processed to healthy and traditional foods and need access to convenient and affordable sources of traditional foods. Our Acorn Energy Bites are differentiated from other energy bars and fill a niche by being the only product that is acorn based and only one of 2 on the market that are wild food based. Acorn have so many health benefits, they are a superfood. We know because our tribal communities thrived on them for millennia. Among other benefits, acorn meal, produced by reducing the “meat” or endosperm of the acorn, digests slowly, a critically important food quality for people at risk for Type 2 diabetes.

SectorsArts, Retail and wholesale, Sports and wellness
LocationUnited States of America
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