café amanecer coffee producers

We are coffee producers vertically integrated from farms to commercialization in roasted coffee. Our main objective is to achieve a fair distribution of the income throughout all the value chain. We work with more than 60 families at our farms and we aim to grow in terms of selling our coffee and our´s peer´s coffee at a fair value and avoid the need to sell as raw material at the farm. This is the reason why several coffee farms in Mexico are abandoned; since small coffee producers are victims of the “low” prices at the stock markets. We believe coffee has a great value and potential to generate income and distribute it from the person that plants the seed and works the farm up to the “barista” that sells an excellent espresso at a top-quality cafeteria; some times for more money than what the producer gets per one whole labor day.

Secteurs Culture agricole, Aliments et boissons, Production alimentaire
Emplacement Zihuateutla, Mexique
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