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CAECUSLab Accessibility-Inclusion-Technology Accessible-Collaboration

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We offer a few Smart GlessesThey will be specially designed to take care of their aesthetics and ergonomics. contains laser sensors, camera, vibrator motor, speakers, battery, bluetoothAPP plate that allows the following: What can you do with ANNY?Reading imagesAnny INTERPRETS and DESCRIBE in an audible way and through artificial intelligence texts and objects in an image. Urban environments Nanny DETECTS objects from the waist up, managing to avoid injuries that could cause the blow. Remote Assistance CONNECTS remotely to a person with visual impairment, with their family member, to solve in set everyday situations. GPS accesibleAnny you GUIA Using GPS and audible descriptions, from a source to a destination. Anny UBICA exactly where you are on the public road, where you are. Community accessibleAnny is COLLABORATIVE, and allows the community to relax accessible places, identify ramps and danger environments on public roads, also places of tourist interest.

Sectors Healthcare providers and services
Location Córdoba, Argentina
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