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Bypork Save Africa. Makes lots of money

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Around 1 in 6 people living in Africa suffer protein deficiency in their diet, BYPORK (registered under JEJGREEN FARM ENTERPRISES, RC NO 2830199) is an initiative to combat protein deficiency in Africa by pooling resources from individuals to farm pigs and giving back 10% of every investment on our platform to the less/under privileged in our community. Pigs are rich in protein and offer probably the best business option of all the protein sources given that nearly 80% of the $3B pork consumed in West Africa annually is imported. For us to further achieve our objectives of combating protein deficiency and reduce the deficit in pork market in Africa we give qualitative training to potential pig farmers both online by partnering with Agro4africa and Agrodemy on their YouTube channel and also physical (one-on-one) training in our community on the need of pork production in the society.

SectorsAgritech, Animal farming, Investment management
LocationEziobodo, Nigeria
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