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Business Enabling Toolbox – B.e.t Maximize Profits and Grow your Business!

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At any point in time, there is in excess of 450mil Startups with this increasing by 40mil each year. 25% of these Startups will fail within their first year and 50% within the first 4yrs. Our industry agnostic platform, B.E.T, helps Aspiring Entrepreneurs and SMEs with managing their businesses so that they do no form part of this horrendous statistic.

B.E.T is a digital advisor that gives businesses access to world-class consultancy, guidance, and advice, at their fingertips. Through a self-diagnostic approach, the aim is to help businesses Manage, Grow, Improve, Transform, Sustain and Align messaging in their businesses all in a single platform. B.E.T has been developed to be compatible with all platforms making this a trusted companion, in the business owners’ possession, wherever they are!

What is B.E.T? :
Using B.E.T:

Join us to help SMEs Maximize Profits and Grow their businesses!

Sectors Business services, Enterprise software, Retail
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
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