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Bsb Bio Lets us make our waste worthy

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Bsb Bio

Bsb Bio

BSB bio is specialized in the supply of bio-digesters, the production and supply of biogas and biofertilizer.
Our offer is innovative with a social, environmental, economic and health impact that will improve the living conditions of rural populations.
Biodigester technology turns animal waste into biogas for cooking, electricity and biofertilizer.
The system generates revenues for households by selling one part of the bio fertilizer. The other part is used to fertilize the soil.
Our company is doing the marketing and selling of the product. On average we generate for each household around 300 $/ month.
Since the beginning of our activities in 2018 to date, we reached 300 households. And we plan to add 700 more households by the end of the year.
Over the next five years, we plan to reach 100,000 households in Senegal and expand into other African countries, Mali, Burkina, and Niger where the livestock is much important which means a large production of biodigesters and fertil

SectorsBiomass, Renewable energy, Waste management and recycling
LocationDakar, Senegal
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