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Bryce Nicholas Uniquely Curated Luxury Fashion Experience

My brand Bryce Nicholas offers original high quality Luxury products at a more affordable price point. I’ve combined my 10 years’ experience in design, manufacturing and brand building to start and grow my business.
My professional career has allowed me to make incredible connections and build a strong team. My team allows me to innovate and produce consistent and reliable quality. I work and manage staff in my beautiful studio in Cape Town, where all products pass through.
My extensive selling background makes me a suitable face and voice for the brand. I’m not afraid to put myself out there to build a community around my brand. My background in jewelry, clothing and bags means I can integrate different designer elements into one product.
Innovation, people management and content creation I consider my personal strengths keeping the business strong. Ultimately a passionate leader is really at the core of a Luxury brand and that’s what I am.

SectorsFashion, Luxury goods and jewelry
LocationCape Town, South Africa
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