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Botspackers is a local and all female owned travel agency formed in 2016 as a hobby to assist the founder’s international friend travel to Botswana. For 3 years, the clients were: friends, mutual acquaintances and referrals.

We plan to maintain this community touch and personal relationship with our clients through few but meaningful experiences. Our partners are local and grassroots organizations and businesses.

In a world where we now travel for purpose, Botspackers offers authentic, customized, affordable and unique travel plans to a country that’s home to the birthplace of humanity.

We target the largest demographic in Africa, youth, to explore Botswana and nearby countries. Market also includes nature photographers, Backpackers, solo Travellers and specific travel groups from Europe and Americas.

Goal is to command a percentage of the 1.8 billion annual tourists to Botswana. Maintain monthly blogs of oral traditions and gather cross country footage for short video s

LocationGoodhope, Botswana
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