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BOOKCONEKT offers travelling & virtual library/bookshop

Cover image of BOOKCONEKT, E-commerce venture on VC4A



We are a social start-up that aims to improve literacy rates by providing affordable and universal access to quality reading materials. With one click, BOOKCONEkT.COM provides access to any books anytime, anywhere through a mobile and virtual library and bookshop. Users can either buy or borrow whether virtual or hard books with delivering at home.

Parents and young adults are our primary customers. They represent a market estimated at $200 million. we are their preferred choice.

1. Low cost: Our website offers the lowest prices, and saves our customers the time and cost of travelling to bookshops or libraries

2. Convenience & safety: Kids can access products through our online catalogue without having to take public transport. 

3. Variety: We offer academic books, romance, novels, comics, African and local productions.

4. Re-sell option: we are starting the first-ever Benin online book market (second hand) space where people can sell their us

Sectors E-commerce, Educational services, Information technology
Location Cotonou, Benin
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