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BOBZA Shop quality Black-Owned Businesses at your fingertips

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BOBZA’s aim is to become a national and continental major retailer specialising in selling and advertising products & services (P&Ss) offered by BOBs (Black-Owned Businesses) – a largely oppressed majority (more than 80%) that were barred from starting and running their own businesses during Apartheid (a system of oppressive institutional racial segregation in South Africa). Our aim is to de-fragment and centralise the current BOB ecosystem which uses social media as both a form of customer acquisition and operations. Subsequently, forcing consumers to buy shoes via Instagram, a pair of sweatpants via Whatsapp, perfume via Twitter and then gin via Facebook. This is obviously both extremely inefficient and expensive for the consumer that must now visit 4 different social media accounts, make 4 different payments, and pay 4 different delivery fees. Our purpose is to make it cheaper and more efficient for majority of the population to fully participate within their own retail mar

Sectors E-commerce, Retail
Location South Africa
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