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Blum Investing, made simple

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Blum SAF is the first independent, fully automated mutual fund manager in Peru. Our objective is to make investing in local and global public markets simple and convenient for Peruvian individuals and corporations. 98% of the mutual fund market is controlled by asset managers affiliated to big universal banks. These banks are not motivated to expand the mutual fund business because it replaces their cheapest source of funding: current accounts and time deposits. Blum SAF is the only asset manager going after a USD 100 billion market which is “invested” in inferior bank products for lack of a better option. Our mutual fund offerings are superior in two respects 1) convenience: Blum accounts can be opened online in 5 minutes, and our UX interface is significantly better than that of our main competitors; 2) Investment atributes: our funds are superior to traditional banking products in every relevant metric, such as higher yield, less risk, and better liquidity.

Sectors Financial services, Investment management
Location San Juan de Miraflores, Peru
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